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Butcher's Brown Ale (5dl) - 12er Pack

English Brown Ale - Versand möglich


Verkäufer: Brauerei Sutton


A dark, vinous, old-style English Northern Brown Ale.

Brewed from a cunning blend of Maris Otter Pale Ale winter Barley (UK), crystal malt (DE) and chocolate malt (DE).

Bittered and flavoured with Challenger hops (UK), Fuggles hops (UK) and East Kent Goldings hops (UK). Fermented with English Ale yeast.


"Massive winey bouquet of rich fruit with peppery hop notes. Toffee & roasted malt in the mouth with a deep bitter-sweet liquorice finish".


Butcher's Brown Ale has recently been accredited as "Real Ale in a Bottle" (RAIB) by CAMRA (UK)


  • Alc. 5.6% Vol.  /   13.8° Stammwürze,
  • obergärig
  • Pale, Crystal & Chocolate
  • Braudatum: 04.01.16
12x Butcher's Brown Ale

CHF 72.00

CHF 12.00 / L
  • 10 kg
  • nur noch begrenzte Anzahl vorhanden
  • 3 - 6 Arbeitstage Lieferzeit

Alcoholic Ginger Beer (3.3dl) - 12er Pack

Ingwer Beer - Versand möglich


Verkäufer: Brauerei Sutton



This award-winning spicy Alcoholic Ginger Beer (AGB) has been developed by Brauerei Sutton and Mr. William Weir to slake even the most demanding of summer thirsts....

Brewed the traditional real ale way using top-fermenting English Ale Yeast, AGB then conditions naturally for 4 weeks in the bottle (with no added CO2 for fizzyness.)


Drink well-chilled and either straight from the bottle, or mellow it out and serve it on the rocks with a slice of lime.


1st. Place Gold Medal  

Category: "Bier mit Gewürz"

B&R Beer Contest 2016

2nd. Place Silver Medal

Category: "Bier mit Gewürz"

SIOS Trophy 2016


  • Alc. 5.1% Vol.  /   13.0° Stammwürze,
  • obergärig
  • Ginger & Malt extract
  • Braudatum: 05.01.16
12x Alcoholic Ginger Beer

CHF 72.00

CHF 18.19 / L
  • 7 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 3 - 6 Arbeitstage Lieferzeit

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